The cherry on the top of the Wildly American decade (2011 – 2021) has been a year of forced inner reflection. A time to ask the big questions, and not big questions in a comfortable time, but at a point in time like no other we have experienced as a company or as individuals. When you are forced to focus on what truly matters out of circumstance that wasn’t what you would have chosen you need to take the benefit from that challenge or hardship and hold on to the clarity that comes from it. For me, the clarity has been to be true to myself, to make what I believe is best, instead of making what I think you will like best as good as I can. I need to trust myself more, and consequently you need to trust me more. We will perpetually vet and use ingredients that are clean, and clean will change as big industry plays the word game to hide the truth about less than the best ingredients, hence “perpetually”. We will grow only as fast as we should. This is not a charity, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be a unhealthy sprint towards profit either. Putting employees, and myself through that ringer isn’t ethical. I expect the best from everyone, and if that is the ask, then the give back needs to be a place people want to work, enjoy working, and are rewarded for their efforts and ideas. A place where people are taken seriously, where hierarchy is respected, but not idolized. Moving forward we are looking back for lessons, living in the present, and as our evolving model succeeds making sure to give back in meaningful ways, not in ad friendly ways that are meant to leverage emotion into attention and then customer conversions.

Be you, we will be us, and let’s meet somewhere in the middle for a really good time.


We will…

…extract what is unhealthy and/or unethical. Refine what remains. Enhance what is refined. Remain focused, yet open. Operate with confidence, while maintaining humility. Take our work seriously, but realize our work is only a utility to improve the lives of others. Never forget, those “others” are not just our customers. They are our families, our friends, and even the strangers we cross paths with. Our individual health is compromised by an unhealthy workplace, and we refuse to live a compromised existence or to create one that others are required to live in. Whole individuals organized under a common goal can accomplish anything. We intend on accomplishing several things.